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WP2: Rigorous Service Development

The PLASTIC platform will make use of UML and MDA for the design, and the use of the Java family languages for implementation. WP2 decomposes into the following tasks:

  • Reasoning about SLAs (UCL, CNR): we intend to define a language for SLAs of pervasive, adaptable services. The abstract syntax of SLAs will be defined using a UML class model. We then define another UML class model for the properties that can be monitored using the primitives established by WP3. The SLA language semantics will then be determined by defining OCL constraints over the relationship between these two models.
  • Design and Refinement support for resource-aware component(UDA, IBM, UCL): We will translate the conceptual model of WP1 into a MOF-compliant metamodel and devise its absrtact syntax and static semantics using OCL constraints.
  • Implementation and deployment of resource aware components (UDA)


The PLASTIC project is funded under grant number 026955 by as a STREP.